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Welcome to Crux Moments

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

I'm delighted to once again offer coaching, mentoring, experiential learning and retreat experiences that assist boys and men in finding their authentic selves so they can make the most positive impact on the world around them.

So, what are "crux" moments, exactly? It's a fact that we all experience moments that test our patience, resilience, courage, stamina or integrity. Rest assured that these moments will occur, for we are all, every one of us, subject to whatever life decides to throw at us. The key to reducing suffering and finding happiness is understanding how to manage these moments. If we can keep the boat afloat, even if somewhat submerged, then we are making progress toward evolving as human beings.

The past five years in my own life have shown me that it is the pain of failure and uncertainty that have allowed for my greatest growth, opening doors to new possibilities that I'd never even considered. While I would not consciously say "bring it on" to some of those experiences, the truth is that they happened and I was forced to deal with what came my way. In fact, it is happening every day to me...and to you.

So with this new beginning, I introduce the Crux Moments blog. I look forward to sharing personal insights, stories, exciting growth opportunities, kitchen table wisdom and perspectives from others. I hope you will continue to stay tuned in.

Many blessings,

Kip Hubbard

Founder, Crux Moments

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